P3 Carbon Ignition Cover Guard

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USD$ 89.99



P3 Carbon Ignition Cover Guard

  • P3 Carbon Fiber Ignition Cover Guard protects ignition cover
  • Molded design perfectly covers stock 2018(only) ignition covers
  • High strength & light weight, using P3's race proven carbon
  • High-quality carbon fiber weave with protective clear coat
  • Protects against shift lever impacts, abrasion, & crash damage
  • Helps retain your bike's resale value
  • P3 Carbon products are designed & Made in USA
  • 0.50 oz. tube of clear RTV silicone included with each cover
  • To attach: Lightly coat inside of P3 guard with silicone & affix to ignition cover, then tape its' edges to hold it in place for 24 hrs.